80% reduction in the connection time between the airport and the city center

Indra has implemented a complete ticketing management systems at the Delhi Airport Metro Express (India) subway line, which links the Indira Gandhi international airport with downtown New Delhi. This line is 22.7 km long and has both elevated and underground sections.

The line was opened on February 23, 2011. Travel time is 18 minutes from New Delhi to terminal 3 of the airport.

Users that previously spent an hour and a half traveling from the airport to the city center on public transportation now enjoy an 80% reduction in travel time.

The ticketing system implemented by Indra has been decisive in this project thanks to the optimization of ticket sales and ease of use, which is mainly due to the intuitive automatic ticket dispensing machines and contactless ticket barriers.

Proposed solution

At the forefront of innovative technological solutions such as urban Check-in

  • The implemented ticketing management system is a complete, automated system that uses innovative contactless technology
  • The project includes automatic smart ticket sale machines to facilitate the huge flow of travelers at the stations
  • Additionally, this line now has the first check-in installation outside an airport in southern Asia


A key project for facilitating user mobility to the airport

Delhi Metro increases its extensive network with a complete, effective and simple infrastructure for the operator and users

  • Significant reduction in travel time by public transportation to New Delhi airport
  • The Delhi Airport Metro line is a unique, cutting-edge project in India that includes an urban check-in
  • Users who wish to travel by plane can check in their luggage before taking the subway to the airport thanks to this innovative system
  • Implementation of a comprehensive ticketing system under demanding requirements due to the importance of the Delhi subway network