Por Ben Schneider - 22/12/2015

All business leaders are convinced that an organization can only remain competitive by developing the ability to learn more and more, therefore guaranteeing sustained, continuous improvement. And yet even companies that have managed to carve out an enviable position in the field of learning find it difficult to hold on to this status for any length of time.

Why is it so difficult to consolidate the reputation of a "company dedicated to learning"? Why are organizations unable to sustain practices that reinforce their learning culture?

Por Beatriz Martínez Martín - 21/12/2015

Otra semana el Observatorio os trae las noticias más relevantes en el panorama tecnológico. Entramos en la recta final de este 2015.

●       Los móviles de 2016 navegarán más rápido con LTE Cat 12 y WiFi 802.11ad

●       Twitter alerta a sus usuarios de que podían haber sido ‘hackeados’ por algún gobierno

In teams working in the technology field, the concept of happiness is becoming increasingly important as a key factor for improving productivity and the quality of the products developed. To illustrate this point, the article “Happy Workers Are More Productive: Science Proves It“ shows that happier people are approximately 12% more productive and explains why companies need to allocate resources to enhancing their employees' happiness.

Por Beatriz Martínez Martín - 05/10/2015

Ya está aquí la recopilación de las noticias más relevantes en el mundo tecnológico de la semana pasada. Esperamos que sean de vuestro interés:

●       Un posible Samsung Z3 con LTE se deja ver por la FCC

●       Microsoft tendrá también su cartón de realidad virtual

●       Ojo con India, Micromax ya tiene listo un Android tope de gama: Yutopia