Por Javier Martínez-Torres - 04/02/2016

From January 25 to 27 the University of Alcalá de Henares (UAH) played host to the 3rd Security and Cyber Defense Conference. On Monday Jan 25 we began our collaboration with CIBERSEG by offering a hacking workshop, followed by a Capture the Flag competition on iPhalanx, our cybersecurity training platform. A CTF (Capture the Flag) is a security competition in which the participants play an active role in a system and have to apply their security knowledge and other skills to solve the challenges posed.

Por Javier Martínez-Torres - 01/12/2014


If you did not read the first part of this article yet, I recommend you do it first. The second part is more complex and entertaining.

Below we will describe Bayesian Networks applied to Cybersecurity matters, without a doubt, one of the subjects I have been hooked in last months. 

Bayesian Belief Networks

Por Javier Martínez-Torres - 05/11/2014


One of the subjects included in my doctoral program "Information, Knowledge and Information", belonging to department of Computer Science at UAH, was called if I remember correctly “Computational Treatment Of Uncertainty”.