Por Emilio Mora - 02/08/2016

I would like to congratulate LOT Polish Airlines on the achievement of the DOT (Department of Transportation certificate) for its website!

This important milestone will allow the airline’s Ecommerce channel to comply with the US Department of Transportation regulations against the discrimination on the basis of disability in the air travel. The different implementations and design modifications performed during the last months will allow LOT Polish Airlines to offer an accessible and transparent new shopping experience to all passengers.

Por Emilio Mora - 02/10/2014


We have sponsored (GOLD sponsorship) the first Airlines World Financial Symposium (WFS) organized by IATA in Abu Dhabi (UAE) the 13-18th September, with more than 600 delegates and 100 airlines accredited attendees.

Por Emilio Mora - 08/07/2014


In the 60s, transoceanic long-haul routes started to increase their volumes across the globe.

Por Emilio Mora - 16/06/2014

In May I attended the Americas Low Cost Carriers (LCC) congress in USA, where Indra was one of the principal sponsors and I had the chance to meet Spirit Airlines Senior Management, US ULCC (Ultra Low Cost Carrier).