It is widely held that companies do not have products; instead they have customers to whom they sell their products and services. It is likewise understood that what keeps these customers coming back is the service they receive before, during and after sale. Satisfied customers mean greater profits.


On November 25, 2014 the Electronic Billing Conference organized by AMETIC (Association of Electronic, Information and Communication Technologies and Digital Content Companies) was held, this year with a special focus on the regulatory framework and with sponsorship from Indra.

Por Ángel Bonet - 23/04/2014

The world is quickly moving toward ubiquitous connectivity, which will have a greater impact on how and where people associate with each other, meet and share information and consume communication media. A poll of 2,558 experts from around the world regarding where we will be in 2025 shows interesting patterns in their predictions. The people interviewed where identified in a preliminary investigation about the future of the Internet, from those identified by the Pew Research Center's Internet Project at the beginning of 2014.

Por Ángel Bonet - 22/04/2014

On April 11 we held our annual Indra Business Consulting convention, with this year's theme being "the thrill of success". The truth is, there is nothing more thrilling for a consultant, or indeed any human being, than success! Maslow described it brilliantly in his theory of self-actualization. Maslow devised a visual aid to explain his theory, which he called the "hierarchy of needs", consisting of a pyramid of human physiological and psychological needs.