Por Maurizio De Stefano - 05/03/2018

Justin Bieber is only 23 years old, yet during his lifetime "humanity has burned up 41% of all the fossil fuels consumed in the planet's history”. With such discouraging news, it is no doubt necessary to take action against climate change and attempt to mitigate its effects before 2050.

Por Giovanni Polizzi - 25/01/2018

The recent dramatic rise in domestic rooftop solar generation is a boon for consumers, but it's causing increasing headaches for power distribution utilities.

Already there are 1.7 million Australian customers with power generation panels in place, and this number is expected to rise as more people seek ways to reduce their bills and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Interestingly, at 1pm on September 17 in South Australia, 48% of all power in the state was being supplied by the rooftop solar systems that now adorn 26% of all houses.