Rail will play a critical role in the new, more sustainable transportation ecosystem the public demands. In order to improve its appeal and the passenger experience, Indra is developing new digital solutions and services in areas such as interoperability, ticketing, new means of payment and station information systems.

At its Aranjuez plant, Indra is manufacturing extremely advanced circuits that will enhance the capabilities of Spainsat NG military communications satellites that Spanish Armed Forces will be using.

Indra’s hybrid thick-film circuits will be integrated into the antennas of the two communications satellites to be operated by Hisdesat and launched into space in 2023 and 2024.

No one questions the need for a major change in mobility to progress towards a more sustainable model, one that helps transport passengers and goods using less polluting and more efficient transport, such as rail. However, to do this it is necessary to increase the competitiveness of rail transport and make it more attractive. 

Indra multiplies armies’ effectiveness and agility

An army’s ability to react and respond largely depends on the work of its logistical command. Indra has developed a Sustainability 4.0 platform that incorporates the most advanced digital technologies to multiply its efficiency.