Por Ben Schneider - 08/08/2014

More than a few management scholars argue that individuals should strive to stand out in the workplace, to get themselves noticed and to behave as if each executive were a one-man operation, associating their own interests with those of the firm. "The brand is bigger than the individual" is the extreme expression of this position. This approach is based on the "agency theory" in academics, in which a business is seen as a set of "agents" who seek to interact and develop within an organization, but always while pursuing their own personal interests.

Por Ángel Bonet - 29/05/2014

This week, as a member of the teaching staff of one the most important academic institutions in Spain, I started an in-house course on customer orientation for one of the country's leading companies. On the positive side, the senior management decision at this great company to become "customer-oriented" and cast aside not only the obsession with product positioning but also the short-term view of earnings.

Por Ángel Bonet - 23/05/2014

With many strategic plans behind me, I have always been very frustrated by the lack of connection that sometimes exists in companies between the mission and the strategy. Moreover, at times the mission can be so philosophical and spurious that hardly anyone knows about it, or it's simply a chart on a wall. But in management by missions (MbM), the mission is at the core of the strategy and everything revolves around more than three-year earnings.

Por Ángel Bonet - 19/05/2014

Every time I give a talk about sales excellence, there's one question that nearly always come up: Are great salespeople born or made? The truth is, that it's a very difficult question to answer. The rare stars I usually meet in my projects tend to have a mixture of both things: they've been born with a natural "gift" for personal relationships and may even have an innate sales intuition or sixth sense, but they've also deliberately honed these qualities. If you asked me to choose, I'd pick the made salesperson rather than the born one.

Por Katia Muñoz - 23/04/2014

One thing is clear, the concept of war to attract talent is still a hot topic: Companies such as ours, seeking profiles of excellence, have a reduced number of candidates that meet our requirements. This situation forces us to differentiate ourselves from our competition, increasingly applying marketing in our talent recruiting strategy in order to present our company in an attractive way that generates interest in potential candidates.

Por Ben Schneider - 20/03/2014

On average a person says about 16,000 words per day. Imagine how many more go through our mind that we do not express. Many of them are evaluations or judgments mixed with emotions. Some are positive and pleasurable, and others negative, filled with fears. "Management" theory holds that, in the office, one should not express weaknesses, but rather project confidence and avoid all displays of negativity.

Por Katia Muñoz - 11/03/2014

Or Betty Snyder Holberton? They are women who changed the world through technology. Women who transformed the traditionally masculine world of technology.  And these women are not the exception. Indeed, at Indra more than 13,000 women work with great determination to innovate and generate added value for our clients and the society we live in. Making the world a better place to live in through consulting and technology.

Por Ben Schneider - 19/02/2014

In their quest for greater efficiency, companies have opted to apply state-of-the-art automation technologies, with obvious repercussions for the number of manual workers they hire. Nowadays, the tendency is to call on technicians who interact with sophisticated equipment that carries out the entire production process, from robots for manufacturing cars to computerized ovens for optimizing the bread baking industry. At the same time, there has been a rise in the demand for knowledge workers to direct, plan and administer organizational processes.

Por Ángel Bonet - 30/01/2014

2014 certainly began with plenty of optimism regarding the Spanish economy, and even I started believing the talk of economic recovery. The week began with President Rajoy appearing on Antena 3, with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) later tripling Spain’s growth forecast for 2014 from 0.2% to 0.6-0.8%, and the week closed with an excellent Gesconsult report. And there was plenty of positivity on Spain elsewhere, as evidenced by recent headlines such as these:

"Spain is back” JP Morgan (1/11/2014)

Por Ángel Bonet - 24/01/2014

In the last 72hs I have traveled to the 80's twice, first because I have finally seen Mecano's musical “Hoy no me puedo levantar” (today I can’t wake up) in the Coliseum theater. One of the best musicals ever seen in Madrid, with more than 2.5 million spectators and with 27 set changes with LED technology, really recommendable. Second, because I attended the celebration of the 35 anniversary of the Círculo de Empresarios (a Spanish business association), where the history of the institution was reviewed.