Por Maurizio De Stefano - 05/03/2018

Justin Bieber is only 23 years old, yet during his lifetime "humanity has burned up 41% of all the fossil fuels consumed in the planet's history”. With such discouraging news, it is no doubt necessary to take action against climate change and attempt to mitigate its effects before 2050.

Amidst the ever growing environmental and legislative requirements in the market, the changes taking place in the energy industry have already become a commonplace topic and there is a constant need to optimize operating costs and render operations much more flexible to become profitable.

Asset Management is a suitable tool for attaining cost optimization, reducing risks and rendering operations more flexible. This discipline has been extensively employed at energy facilities for some decades now, with an increasing global and integrated presence over recent years.

Por Leonardo Benítez - 18/12/2014


The energy sector in Spain faces challenges of considerable importance that include, from energy sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions (in accordance with the declaration of the European Commission of 20061), through to a necessary continuous increase of system efficiency.