In this week's technology observatory we bring you the latest news from the technological world, including a few compilations and previews:

●       Twitter closes the sign-in session on its official app for Android and turns users into prophets

●       The novelties expected at the upcoming CES 2015

●       Apple now lets you return apps (only in the European Union)

This week's Technology Observatory brings you the following stories:

●       Skype Translator intends to prevent language from being a barrier for speaking long distance

●       Honor T1, the first tablet of the new European brand of Huawei is here

●       Smartphones: Samsung continues to rule while Xiaomi devours LG

●       Telefónica remains partnerless in the United Kingdom, BT will only negotiate with Orange and Deutsche Telekom

Por Leonardo Benítez 18/12/2014


The energy sector in Spain faces challenges of considerable importance that include, from energy sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions (in accordance with the declaration of the European Commission of 20061), through to a necessary continuous increase of system efficiency.

This week's Technology Observatory brings you the following stories:

●       40% of cell phones come from China

●       Microsoft Store promises 12 days with huge Christmas discounts

●       Amazon launches bike messenger service for one-hour deliveries

●       Uber banned in Spain

This week's Technology Observatory brings you the following stories:

●       Google Glass to offer a new version with Intel processors

●       Jazztel will be the first MVNO to offer 4G

●       U.S. schools now buying more Chromebooks than iPads

●       One year on and Android 4.4 comes with one in three smartphones

●       Amazon to keep on trying with phones – they can afford to

Our lives are immersed in the information society and interconnection. We need quality information with security features that contribute confidence to decision-making. This is true for all areas of society: education, economy, industry and particularly for the Information Technology (IT) sector.


On November 25, 2014 the Electronic Billing Conference organized by AMETIC (Association of Electronic, Information and Communication Technologies and Digital Content Companies) was held, this year with a special focus on the regulatory framework and with sponsorship from Indra.

This article presents diverse types of initiatives that seek to teach how to program by applying techniques from the world of games. The gamification revolution across all spheres now reaches the field of programming.


If you did not read the first part of this article yet, I recommend you do it first. The second part is more complex and entertaining.

Below we will describe Bayesian Networks applied to Cybersecurity matters, without a doubt, one of the subjects I have been hooked in last months. 

Bayesian Belief Networks


I've heard that this Saturday November 30 is International Cybersecurity Day or, same thing, Information Security Day. I'm sure that right now the three or four readers of this blog (and I'm including my four-year-old son) are Googling it (my son as well) to check it out and have come across other days like April 6. In any case, this celebration is a good time (and I'm being serious now) to review one of the most important yet least acknowledged aspects of our modern times, which is cybersecurity training.

Por Ben Schneider 24/11/2014


According to a recent survey conducted by Gallup in the United States, adults laugh much more at weekends than on work days. While children laugh as many as 400 times a day, adults over 35 only laugh 15 times. Prestigious business schools like Wharton, Sloan, Harvard and the London Business School say that every "guffaw" brings a host of benefits for the company. Laughter relieves stress and boredom, boosts interpersonal relations in the workplace, enhances creativity and even improves productivity.

These are the stories we have lined up for you in this week's Technology Observatory:

●       The new YotaPhone 2 to be unveiled to the world on December 3

●       LG officially launches its LG G Pad tablets in Spain

●       Sony aims to revolutionize smartphone sensors with the new Exmor RS IMX230

●       Nokia returns to the fray with Nokia N1, its first tablet with Android


According to the UN, "Television is a key player in the world of communications, given its growing influence on the decision-making process, having acted as the world's eyes during many conflicts and other threats to peace and security, as well as for having called the attention of society at large to important social and economic issues." Today, the 21st of November, we celebrate World Television Day and debate about its life expectancy.