The introduction of gamification has been unstoppable in recent years. However, it has gone unnoticed by many people. No doubt, gamification is present in such varied fields as learning, banking, energy or health, but what is most important is that according to a recent article of the IEEE [1] about 85% of activities in our lives will include aspects inherent to games by 2020. In other words, we are gradually witnessing the gamification of our life, the definitive game.

This week's Technology Observatory brings you the following stories:

·        Google to test its drones at a former NASA base

·        Lumia 535, the new Microsoft terminal without the Nokia brand

·        Samsung Galaxy Note Edge could reach Europe in December

This week's Technology Observatory will cover the following news items:

●       Nexus 9 is now available in Spain: prices and availability of models

●       Flexible screens make a comeback: this OLED touchscreen folds in three

●       The fast HTC charger will arrive soon

Por Eduardo Martínez 07/11/2014

Technology is reflected in every aspect of our lives. Although more prominent in urban life, it also forms part and parcel of rural life. So much so, that we will soon be talking about #smartrural. And yet one of the few walks of life in which smart technology has still to gain a foothold is in the tourism world.


One of the subjects included in my doctoral program "Information, Knowledge and Information", belonging to department of Computer Science at UAH, was called if I remember correctly “Computational Treatment Of Uncertainty”.

These are the stories we have lined up for you in this week's Technology Observatory:

●       Digital music sales at iTunes Music fall 14%

●       Orange extends its multi-device television to customers who only have a mobile connection

●       Amazon unveils competition for ChromeCast: Fire TV Stick

Por Ben Schneider 30/10/2014


Technology and connectivity have impacted companies and changed the lives of millions of individuals. However, several studies predict that we are about to experience changes of tremendously greater importance. 

During the years to come, we will witness the lightning-speed development of “Artificial Intelligence” in computers, improved means for instant communications, the multiplication of electronic devices and the mass flow of information. All of this will disrupt the way we do business.

The Technology Observatory brings you the latest key stories from the technological world:

●       The next leap in mobile data transmission: the 24GHz spectrum

●       Gmail 5.0 to incorporate users' Yahoo and Outlook mail accounts as well

●       Microsoft's smartwatch, compatible with iOS and Android, only weeks away

In this week's technology observatory we bring you the following stories:

●       Twitter introduces micro-transactions and payments between users in France

●       Samsung promises Wi-Fi networks at 60Ghz and 575 MB/s in 2015

●       Apple Pay to reach Europe in 2015 courtesy of Visa

This week, the Indra Technology Observatory brings you the following stories:

●       Confirmed: HP announces split into two companies

●       Samsung plummets from record profits to less than half in only one year

●       Microsoft to announce cloud novelties at October 20 event

This week's Technology Observatory brings you the following stories:

●       Microsoft confirms plans to open a store on New York's Fifth Avenue

●       ZTE confirms its commitment to Spain with the launch of a new online store on October 1

●       Presenting the Motorola Nexus 6

Por Ángel Bonet 07/10/2014

There is no correlation between innovation spending and business performance. That is the main finding of the Innovation 1000 studies on the world's top 1,000 listed companies. Curiously, company size and investment in R&D don't automatically add up to an innovative company. There are other qualities that set truly innovative companies apart. Successful business projects often start with someone having a great idea, but not all great ideas come to fruition.

Por Emilio Mora 02/10/2014


We have sponsored (GOLD sponsorship) the first Airlines World Financial Symposium (WFS) organized by IATA in Abu Dhabi (UAE) the 13-18th September, with more than 600 delegates and 100 airlines accredited attendees.