Another week, the Technology Observatory brings you the week's hottest happenings. Let's get to it:

●       LG Watch Urbane, LG's new classic Android Wear with a metallic finish

●       Samsung will downsize to 14nm with a new Exynos 7

Divide and conquer. Julius Caesar's quote from ancient times proposes the most efficient way to confront complex situations and settings. However, when referring to security, we must do this through a holistic vision, where the whole is more than the sum of the parts. To this end, we must not forget that the ultimate goal of implementing adequate security controls, whether Information Security or of any other type, is merely to uphold the correct functioning of an organization so that it may wage its battle another day.

Another week, the Technology Observatory brings you the latest key stories from the technological world:

●       Vodafone will no longer reduce speed by default to charge for excess data instead

●       The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba will invest $590 million in Meizu

●       Microsoft may have the goal of having Windows 10 ready for manufacturers in June

From the outset IBM and Gartner's approach to Big Data envisaged a model in three dimensions (volume, velocity and variety), called the "three Vs" model.

Based on the three Vs, Big Data can be defined as a set of tools that combine to support the compilation, storage and management of large volumes of varied data at high velocities, generating information to support sound decision-making.

Welcome another week to the Technology Observatory. A review of the most relevant technological news of last week:

●       Samsung Gear VR already has an arrival date set for Spain

●       The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be presented on the 1st of March

●       1.6% of Android devices are already updated with Lollipop

Once again, this week's Technology Observatory. Below follows the news from the last week of January.

●       Nexus 6 will not include a fingerprint reader because Apple already exclusively has the best one

●       Save memory and data with Facebook Lite

●       Rumors have it that Sony Xperia Z4 will not arrive in time for MWC and will be delayed a few months

This week's Technology Observatory is packed with news:

●       Amazon to produce its own movies... but for theaters first

●       The first screenshots of Firefox in iOS arrive

●       The Los Angeles subway to offer Wi-Fi connectivity and phone coverage to passengers

Por Eduardo Martínez 22/01/2015

Analyzing the success, at least in affluence, of the Smart City World Congress held in Barcelona less than a month ago, we could say that we are ready for a smarter world, or at least interested in this world full of opportunities for both, businesses and citizens and of course, for public administrations.


An enormous amount and diversity of programming languages are currently used. But, for better or for worse, most organizations are loyal to a small subgroup of the usual ones (C++, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, etc.) when faced with any programming-related problem.

This week's Technology Observatory brings you the following stories:

We kick off a new year for the Technology Observatory. We hope our weekly summaries intrigue you. We'll continue to gather the most interesting news from the world of technology. Let's go!

●       Changes are expected in Amazon's Lab126 after the failure of the Fire Phone

●       The new MacBook Air will be incredibly thin

●       Palm is back and seeks your help

Por David Carhuamaca 07/01/2015


Cell phones have become an active and inseparable part of our daily routines. There are mobile applications for nearly everything, and in many cases they make our lives easier.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of administrations and governments are committed to promoting public transportation. They encourage citizens to make use of the service through a variety of approaches and projects designed to reinforce aspects such as the quality, convenience and reliability of public transportation.