Por Ángel Bonet 30/09/2014

There is no doubt that business intelligence – or analytics, as it is called nowadays – offers a very important strategic lever at this moment in time when the information revolution and digitization are in full swing.

Por Ben Schneider 29/09/2014

There is a reality that affects the majority of companies around the globe: only 30% of their collaborators are truly engaged in their work.

In its latest annual survey, conducted in 2013, Gallup reported that 50% of workers in the U.S. merely put their time in and 20% act out their disengagement in counter-productive ways, with a negative impact on their co-workers. Gallup estimates that this group costs the U.S. economy $500 billion a year.

The enigma to resolve is this: Why is there such a high level of disengagement?

This week's Technology Observatory brings you the following stories:

●       Telefónica pulling out all the stops for 2015: symmetric connections at 1000 mbps

●       Apple sells 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus units in the first weekend

●       Uber puts pressure on Madrid with the arrival of its UberPOP service

Por Ángel Bonet 26/09/2014

This is the year of generational changes in Spain: first the king, then Botín, and this week Dimas at El Corte Inglés. It's certainly going to be very exciting seeing how these three great institutions tackle the issue of modernization and adapting to new consumers/citizens.

This week's Technology Observatory brings you the following stories:

●       Google unveils Android One in India: all the details

●       The next novelty from WhatsApp leaked: enabled to make and receive voice calls

●       Microsoft buys Minecraft for $2.5 billion

This week's Technology Observatory brings you the following stories:

●       Wayra launches a new call to speed up start-ups in Latin America and Europe

●       The Samsung Gear VR to retail at $199

●       Twitter officially introduces the "Buy" button

This week's Technology Observatory brings you the following stories:

●       Google announces September 15 event in India. Android One?

●       Microsoft increases file limit for OneDrive

●       Apple confirms that iCloud was not hacked in recent leaks of celebrity photos


Following the summer break, we are back with a new post in the series on National Cyber Security Strategies, focusing this time on their objectives.

The cyber security objectives set by countries, as defined in their NCSS (National Cyber Security Strategies), all adopt a very similar pattern and can broadly be grouped as follows:

This week's Technology Observatory brings you the following stories:

Since the end of last year, material facts have been produced in Spain that have resulted in tangible advancements in this field. This is just the start and the model must continue to mature progressively.

The first key milestone to take place after November was the publication, in mid December, of the National Cybersecurity Strategy (ECSN) in which various actions are proposed to ensure the Protection of Technological Equity in Spain, and which explicitly mentions the importance of protecting Vital Infrastructures among its objectives.

Por Ben Schneider 01/09/2014


It's more than five years since the U.S. authorities declared the end of the recession triggered by the financial crisis of 2008, yet the country's GDP growth rates are still meager. A sluggish U.S. economy and poor performance in Europe also explain why China's growth has slowed. After all, 70% of Chinese exports are targeted at those two markets, and there's a limit to what countercyclical economic measures can achieve.

This week, the Technological observatory brings you the following news:

●       Best Buy reveals the prices and features of the Moto 360

●       MIUI 6 is official, all the innovations: much more than just a ROM

●       Telefonica will be adding videogames and alarms to its Fusion package

This week's Technology Observatory brings you the following stories:

●       The Motorola Moto G2 might land on September 10th and cost about 250 euros

●       Windows 9 will include Cortana, the smart Windows Phone assistant

●       The new Motorola Shamu shows signs of life and positions itself as the possible Nexus 6