This week's Technology Observatory brings you the following stories:

●       White suits the Samsung Galaxy Alpha very well

●       Xiaomi becomes the top cellphone vendor in China, ousting Samsung

●       Twitter tries to embed in our timeline the tweets of people followed by our friends

Por Ben Schneider 08/08/2014

More than a few management scholars argue that individuals should strive to stand out in the workplace, to get themselves noticed and to behave as if each executive were a one-man operation, associating their own interests with those of the firm. "The brand is bigger than the individual" is the extreme expression of this position. This approach is based on the "agency theory" in academics, in which a business is seen as a set of "agents" who seek to interact and develop within an organization, but always while pursuing their own personal interests.

This week's Technology Observatory brings you the following stories:

●       Amazon launches its own customizable 3D printing store

●       Amazon may sell credit card readers for smartphones for just $9.99

If we could go back in time ten years, there would be a remarkable improvement in the quality of public health services offered to the Brazilian population, such as increased access to the excluded, political layers and programs that ensured access to generic drugs, among others.

Por Mónica León 24/07/2014

For another year, I had the opportunity to be at Microstrategy World 2014, which was held in Barcelona between July 7 and 10. More than 1,000 attendees gathered at the European edition of the conference. The main issues discussed were the latest trends in Big Data, data analysis, cybersecurity and mobility; it also delved into specific experiences of large companies that are already managing their business intelligence in the cloud.

This week's Technology Observatory brings you the following stories:

●        Smartphones and tablets to be fully charged when traveling to the U.S.A.

●        New European broadcasting standard incompatible with UHD TV sets

●        Samsung slowdown continues in second quarter of 2014

This week in the NEO Blog Technology Observatory:

●        Apple publishes iOS 7.1.2 with fixes and improvements in iBeacons

●        Apple releases OS X 10.9.4

●        Six curiosities about Android L that you might not know about

●        Google Glass banned at U.K. movie theaters

Por Ben Schneider 11/07/2014

All organizations attempt to disseminate good management practices amongst their collaborators and to generate a positive environment for achieving the so yearned excellence. To do so, managers undergo training, hire consultants, read publications by management gurus, but usually find that the path toward excellence is plagued with obstacles.

Por Emilio Mora 08/07/2014


In the 60s, transoceanic long-haul routes started to increase their volumes across the globe.

Por Ángel Bonet 03/07/2014


A peer-to-peer (P2P) or point-to-point network is a computer network in which all or some of its components run without clients or fixed servers over a series of nodes that behave equally among each other. In other words, they act simultaneously as clients and servers with regard to all the other nodes in the network. P2P networks allow the direct exchange of information in any format between interconnected computers.

This week, the NEO Blog technology observatory brings you the following stories:

Por Ángel Bonet 23/06/2014

The prime of the information age will coincide with the dawn of the robot age. But that doesn't mean we're about to see a world where human beings and androids walk down the streets together, like in the movies and animated cartoons. On the contrary: information technology and robotics will blend and integrate gradually to become a natural part of our daily lives.